The Important Facts About HCG and Weight Loss

HCG weight loss is a topic that will raise a lot of questions with potential users because unlike simple, natural supplementation, this weight loss aid has a lot more factors to consider. This guide will ask some of the most important questions about the methods, issues and benefits involved in taking on a HCG weight loss program and provide answers that should hopefully make the subject clearer and help you decide whether it is the right course of action for you.

What is HCG?

This first question may sound simplistic but it is important to know exactly what we are taking and why it is meant to be so advantageous instead of resorting to consuming it blindly. HCG is the abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a naturally occurring hormone that is generally associated with pregnancy rather than weight loss. It is believed that introducing this hormone into the bloodstream can have a positive effect on low calorie dieting because the subject’s appetite is suppressed and the body is trained into requiring fewer daily calories in the future. Scientists may not be convinced by this theory but there are enough satisfied users to ensure that HCG remains a popular treatment.

How do you take HCG?

There are two well-known types of HCG treatment options to choose from, each with their own benefits and disadvantages. The idea of HCG injections will not to be everyone’s taste because of the inconvenience of appointments and the use of needles but they do have the benefit of being administered by a professional and are a quick, direct method compared to more questionable, lesser-known methods like creams. The other popular route to take is HCG drops, which are taken sublingually under the tongue for easy absorption and can be bought online. The problem with these drops is that this accessibility means they are difficult to regulate and this can lead to questions over their safety – such as the following.

Isn’t HCG illegal and dangerous?

There is a lot of understandable confusion surrounding HCG drops and products because there are so many warnings on the internet claiming that HCG is illegal and dangerous – most importantly from the FDA’s own website. FDA approval on anything related to HCG is hard to come by because there are no verified, scientific claims to suggest that the product works and, in December 2011, the authority sent warning letters to any company claiming to sell “homeopathic” HCG. It is always worth researching the validity of a company and its produce. As for the dangers, there are risks to consider and potential side-effects, such as headaches, constipation and general deficiencies from being on a diet of this kind, but nothing any more dangerous than other low calories schemes.

Why is it so important to follow a safe HCG supplement and diet plan?

The level of accessibility mentioned above and the issues over online merchants means that it is far to easy to get drawn in by sales claims for a product that is less beneficial or even fraudulent. Deliberately searching for reliable companies that sell real, undiluted HCG drops is essential if you are to avoid ineffective solutions that may contain weak concentrations or other, questionable ingredients. Additionally, it is worth looking into a safe diet plan for HCG weight loss rather than just the hormone because it best used as a complimentary aid to low calorie diets. Some HCG products are designed around 500 calories a day but this is far to low and it is better to opt for a 1000-1200 calorie plan to avoid health problems and deficiencies.

What makes HCG Ultra Diet Drops the best option for HCG weight loss?

The need for a safe, pure and beneficial form of HCG that you can rely on brings many customers to HCG Ultra Diet Drops – a simple, sublingual form of the hormone that eliminates the need for injections and provides the treatment as part of a diet plan rather than just a bottle of liquid. Instead of offering different packages, the makers have put together three different “plans” based around the length of time and amount of weight you want to lose. The 15, 30 and 60 day plans each come with diet guides for a 1000 – 1200 daily calorie intake and the latter two plans also have a bonus bottle of vitamin B12 to help improve the efficiency of the hormone on weight loss.


There may be plenty of questions and concerns surrounding HCG weight loss treatments but hopefully this guide has helped to educate you on what is available and the pros and cons of choosing HCG as a weight loss aid. It would be wrong to say that there are no negative aspects to using this hormone because there are disadvantages to both methods and a few questionable products on the market; however, if you are careful to choose drops that are pure, approved and provide a number of benefits – such as the diet plans from HCG Ultra Diet Drops – you could find yourself on the road to safe, simple weight loss.

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